A strategy of Social Media Implementation within organizations

October 16, 2011 6 comments

It is all about social media, our lives have been changed by web 2.o. we should deal with this revolution anyways, as the statistics shows there are high rapid increases of the use of social media. This post will appraise the amount of such revolution with its statistics as well as, explain a strategy for business to get started with social media.

This video shows how large social media usage statistics.

Look at the summary of the statistics that has been shown in the video:

#The use of the Internet has increased 14 present from the time when 2009.

#The Internet users are 1.9 around the world in 2010.

#In 2010 December, the figure of websites is 255 million.

#The number of blogs is 152 million.

#77 present of UK consumers obtain information via the Internet to make decisions for their purchasing.

#The number of Face book visitors 175 million daily.

#“Twitter marking jumped from just 3% of companies in 2008 to 49% in 2009.”

After this, I can say most of business should join the club and convert the unfortunate past to the Internet as what I see from the result of twitter marketing.

We can’t say for what this revolution and when it is happened, as we see the great future with the great advantages of social media.  It is all about how businesses can start and adopt such technology.

A social media strategy should be implemented by organizations.


In fact, there are several strategies of implementing social media those organizations need to gain the benefits. However it is actually that the organizations employ social media to build relationships with consumers or clients. Definitely, I can say the strategy of “strengthen relationships” is one of the important strategies to implement such tools.

This strategy has some tactics to be implemented by such organizations, When, the organization are looking to use of whatever social media tools.

1.      The organization should make research about the reception of its commutation and know more about the audience.

2.      The organization should join the conversations to develop such relationships after the research about the reception, by posting comments, blogging or answering questions.

3.      The organization should notice the positive or negative of such communication.

4.      The organization should take in the consideration the content of such communication, that is quality more important than quantity.

Such tactics are important to obtain the benefits of social media.


5 Easy steps to winning social Media Plan

7 steps for a successful social media strategy

Seven ways to prevent your social media strategy from going into a tailspin

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Wiki Strategy implemintation

October 16, 2011 6 comments

So far, I have discussed how IGC can attain benefits by implementing micro-blogging or blogging strategy. This post will represent one of web 2.0 tools, that is a wiki, and in particular this tool will be defined, as well as a strategy should be implemented by organizations or IGC.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is defined as “a server program” which permits the Internet users to act as a team effectively to type “the content of a web site” advantageously. It simply works as any member of the team can coordinate it at the same stage and it is easy to be rewritten many times. It is consisting of two essential buttons: “edit and save” as well as the content can have links to be open on another web page “Hyper-linked words”. The greatest branded instance of wiki web sites is Wikipedia.

What is the strategy that should be implemented by IGC or any organization for its wiki?

Actually, there are several strategies of wikis that organizations or IDC should implement to gain the benefits of such wikis, however, I will discuss the main chosen strategy that is , a wiki has to  obtain a clear definition about the fields it is wanted to make use of the wiki for. It is important to give background about the basic concepts, which are related to the main topic. This will value the content of the wiki, and provide the reader with great understanding of such topics.

This strategy has some tactics to be implemented by such organizations or IGC.

1.      The pages of the Wiki should be related to other pages to complete the entire idea to the reader; this means the topics usually is consisted of some assumed knowledge, so the reader can have clear understanding.

2.      The related pages to each other in the wiki should be hyperlinked, for words needed explanations.

3.       The relevant information may be found inside or outside sources, thus the pages of Wikis should be connected internally and externally.

4.      The discussion’s pages should be used between editors to enhance the topic and its logical view.

Finally, this is an enjoyable video explaining the experience of Wiki in education.


Enterprise Wiki Strategies

Wikis: Basics, Tools and Strategies

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IGC with implementation of Microblogging

October 2, 2011 6 comments

As I have discussed in my previous posts how to make a successful Blog and what are best strategies to obtain readership, I will write more explanation of other application of blogging that is micro-blogging. I addition, I will explain how such knowledge can be implemented by IGC and define one of the best strategies should be follow to gain the success of such implementation.

What is the difference of Micro-blogging and Blog?

Micro-blogging is defined as a broadcast medium in the method of blogging that allows bloggers to post short text updates. A micro-blog is different of the traditional concept of blogs as the first its content is reduced to be not as in blogs. The posts in micro-blogging are called micro-posts, which can have short sentences, pictures or video links. The examples of such services are conducted with social networking sites as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Google+ etc. To clarify, Facebook is considered as micro-blogging that allows participants to promote their “Status Updates” included small sentences and photos or video links. In addition, Twitter has the same concept with smaller sentences no more than 140 characters.

What is IGC?

IGC is known as International Geological Congress, which is an international event. This event is holding every four years through countries, and the first congress was founded in Franc in 1879. The upcoming 34th congress is going to be hold in Australia in Brisbane from 5th to 10th of August in 2012.

This event purposes to “Contribute to the advancement of fundamental and applied research in the geological sciences, to provide a general assembly of geologists where ideas and information can be freely exchanged, and to provide the opportunity, by way of geological excursions, to examine geological problems and features in the field”.

A strategy should be implemented by IGC for its blog:

There are many strategies should be fellow to meet the requirement to gain the success of the blog or micro-blog of IGC. The strategy that should be implemented by IGC is to “Optimize your blog content for search engines” and the steps of this strategies as following:

1.     IGC should conduct keyword research to identify its top phrases.

2.     IGC should be using the most relevant keywords to lead the most qualified users to the content and boosts search engine rankings

3.     Each post that IGC creates should relate to one or more of its top keywords.

4.     IGC should highlight its top terms within each post’s title, body, categories and tag.

5.     IGC shouldn’t be excessive with its use of keywords that they should flow naturally in its posts and remain inconspicuous to the reader.

6.     IGC should have links from outside websites, which in turn contribute to better search engine rankings for its blog.

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Return Of Investment (ROI) with Enterprise 2.0 and examples of such calculations

September 19, 2011 3 comments

As it has been identified in pervious posts, implementation of Enterprise 2.0 has benefits and risks for organisations. Logically, more benefits and less risks of such implementation will gain more and optimize the revenue of such organisations. This post will define the concept of the return of investment (ROI) and how can be calculated by implementing Enterprise 2.0, and provide examples of such Enterprise 2.0 success within investments.

What is the return of investment (ROI)?

ROI is defined as the net value that gained or lost of the cost of investment. This means an investment needs an amount of money to be set, and then the investment gained more or lost of the original amount of money. The ratio of increasing or decreasing the cost of original cost represents the return of investment value.  The following formula explains how to calculate such value:

However, sometimes it is impossible or difficult to count how much valuable the usage of social media within organizations due to the complicity of direct or indirect impact of such implementations. Overall, the return of investment will be recognized and assessed after long time period. The following diagram explains the ROI Model over time:

Examples of calculating ROI of implementing Enterprise 2.0:

This is a great video showing so many organizations where ROI has been calculated:

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Possible Legal risks of social media in KFC

September 3, 2011 1 comment

As it is identified that the web 2.0 tools have provided great benefits to organizations and companies in the way of dealing with digital era, as well as there are risks which can be faced by implementing such tools. In the previous post, it has been mentioned the benefits and risks, however this post will define deeply  the main legal risks to such organizations and companies as consequences of participating in Social Media.  Particularly, I will discuss these risks surrounding KFC .

Legal Risks for businesses in the use of social media is defined as an action against the law, or policies, which can be internally or externally of such organizations and such risks are summarized as in the diagram below:

KFC is well known globally as one of famous fast food restaurants and the risks faced or would be of KFC as following:

  1.           Reputation risk:

This risk is considered as a kind of danger which can make no sense of the “trustworthiness” and may cause lose of the business. Social media can be easily damage the reputation and makes that loses, as it is helpful to spread information whether it is correct or not.  There is a clip, which has been shown in YouTube negatively about the process of producing the chickens at the stage of chicken industry within KFC and it has effected its reputation.   

2.         Confidential information risk:

Information can be confidential information when it is not openly obtainable, “that the law protects from misuse or improper disclosure” by an individual who is under the responsibility to remain it private with limit access by authorization. For example, KFC has secret recipes, which makes the successes of its business. These recipes can be easily stolen, if they published in social media by employees in social media.

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benefits and risks of implementing Enterprise 2.0 in Intel

August 24, 2011 4 comments

As enterprise 2.0 tools have been activated in most companies and organizations globally, there are concerns and expectations in the use of these tools. Such companies and organizations are looking to each other experiences in the manner to obtain benefits. They have provided a high number of case studies in literature. By the way, I have looked at a case study of Intel, and I will be outlined some of the benefits and the risks, which have been faced by implementing Enterprise 2.o tools within the organization.


1: Productivity and efficiency:

As Intel employees are demanding better means to discover relevant information and expertise to increase “interactive collaboration, knowledge silos” inside the organization, now employee can work more successfully across faster access to resources and easier collaboration. Also, in the same way this can provide Intel benefits, as Intel based on innovation and the contribution of new ideas across the company so as to stay competitive. Such communications have built well-organized community inside Intel, which was helpful to improve teams performance.

2: Knowledge:

Intel believes that is necessary to facilitate learning resources to be promoted inside the organization as “ knowledge changes rapidly and new discoveries invalidate old truths every week. As a result, learning is a key part of employees’ jobs, and it often occurs informally as people work with each other and gather information. Social computing enables this type of learning; it changes the way companies collect, organize, and disseminate information across the enterprise”.

3: Staff engagement

As well as new employees need to participate into Intel faster. Such tools could assist new employees learn about the business and discover which colleagues they need to connect with. This would improve the integration experience and leads to quicker engagement and happy workers to become creative more quickly.


1: Security 

Employees used to communicate externally with risks of information security, however Intel provided them with eternal tools to reduce such risks. Internal tools are hosted on servers inside Intel’s firewall, and that communications are limited to Intel’s internal environment with limit access to appropriate groups. Intel report gave an example of how internal communication is better than externally, which is given in the report as “… the risks associated with the use of external tools occurred recently as our chief executive officer (CEO) readied an internal Webcast regarding Intel’s earnings report. An employee using an external micro blogging site encouraged others to “live chat” during the CEO’s Webcast. This increased the security threat to Intel confidential information. In response, our CIO and our vice president of Human Resources sent e-mail to all employees warning them about the privacy policies of external sites and reminding them that they have promised to protect Intel confidential information. This includes a commitment never to post or share confidential information outside of Intel without express authorization”.

2: Productivity

There are some points affected the performance of employees and they consider it as a source of discouraging them in the way of doing their jobs; first, employees spend too many hours a week looking to internal or external networking tools finding people or information they want to do the job. Moreover numerous employees work in worldwide-dispersed groups and find it challenging to complete their work, Because of time zone differences. That leads team members to communicate with each other by emails badly with the potential for confusion and crossed messages. Additionally, some employees are feeling not active and isolated of the community. This creates efforts that Intel looking to reduce this gap in the community to be smaller effectively.


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Web 2.0 tools

August 20, 2011 2 comments

How  web 2.0 tools are being grateful to be advantageous knowledge in my life! Not particularly in my study field, which is being a student at a mathematical school, it is not the way that benefits me to deal with the extraordinary development of information technology. However by doing the ENTERPRISE 2.0 unit in my study as an elective unit, it is actually providing me with new experience, which will increase my skills scale. I have been encouraged to investigate and learn the web 2.0 tools and their definitions and what I experienced will be outlined as following:

What are web 2.0 tools?

The definition of web 2.0 is described as a new version of World Wide Web that simplified to provide the Internet users with great opportunities to share, interoperate, and collaborate information to interact with each other on the World Wide Web. The examples of such tools are  wikis, social networks, Twitter, blogs, rss, social media, tagging, podcasting.

How do web2.0 tools work which I experienced?


A wiki is defined as “a server program” which permits the Internet users to act as a team effectively to type “the content of a web site” advantageously. It simply works as any member of the team can coordinate it at the same stage and it is easy to be rewritten many times. It is consisting of two essential buttons: “edit and save” as well as the content can have links to be open on another web page “Hyper-linked words”. The greatest branded instance of wiki web sites is Wikipedia. In my experience, I have explored and investigated the class wiki, and I create a new account, which allows me to edit and review the history of the page. I really realize this experience is going to assist me in my study field. That I can search for articles in Mathematical field and then to contribute and write about new topics those haven’t been covered in online resources or perhaps re-editing them. I just put my foot on the right door!

Social Networks

Social networking is consisting of networks of individuals keen on specific groups, similar to a small community of a big community, or it is like “a neighborhood subdivision” of a city. This is the way of how the Internet has transferred the community to be on computers screens. The idea of social networking is based on giving opportunities to such individuals to meet their friends and other people easily, to gather and share information and experiences of their interests freely. Online social networking has been promoted with many websites such as MySpace, Twitter, Tagged, Facebook and so on. I signed up in Twitter newly and I see it as great tool that I can have a profile about my self. Such tool gives me a chance to search for friends or new people with the same interests to follow them and their tweets with the same reaction to be just on my home in my account. Also, I can send messages through the website to followers and receive from them.

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