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How to make a successful blog and what are best strategies to obtain readership?

As all know and recognize the fact that The Internet is being related to people’s daily life, so there is a high demand to websites and applications that is to improve the way of how The Internet users communicate effectively. An example of such applications is blogging, which provides great opportunities to share information and knowledge through The Internet between individuals. I will be representing the ways how to make a successful blog including purposes and strategies for obtaining readership and giving excellent examples.

What are the purposes of your blogging?

Every blog has to have a goal to brand itself successfully, and there are many purposes can be used in blogging. First, It can be use for “a self expression” that is showing individuals thoughts, personals appearance, as well as “sharing information” that is to interact with others who have the same interests. This leads to “make relationships” with the read

ers, and is going to be helpful to contribute to the community. Also, bloggers can be building a reputation for their blogs or perhaps, making money. Furthermore, professional bloggers can be writing to think and develop their own ideas by sharing others or to deal with the ideas in reality and such ideas or thoughts can be kept and stored to be ready when they are needed.

Personally, I am doing ENTERPRISE 2.0 unit at QUT to develop my skills and experience in this kind of useful knowledge to accomplish my goals in my mathematical studies, as I am doing a master degree of mathematical science at QUT. Firstly, I will express myself to the world of Math blogging, and introduce my interests to the readers, as well as I will post useful information, which would be beneficial for both experts and beginners. This is going to be a start to share information with the readers and that hopefully leads to make relationships to be extended for contributing in Math community.  After that, I might attain a reputation and experiences, which might develop a life career.

How to create useful posts?

There are many ways to demonstrate and guarantee useful posts. Most of the ways are about writing quality and the ideas which are going to be written in the content. There should be a clear and precise title, as well as easy and simple sentences. This makes the reader easily keep reading without feeling bored. There should be fairness between all parts and points of the content.  Also, the author should keep in mind coherent writing to make the posts easy to follow by the readers. For example, In Math blogging, the posts should have all the formulas that are needed to explain a problem solving solutions and that means it shouldn’t summaries the important steps of the answers. For extra reading please click here.

What are the strategies can be followed for obtaining readership?

The strategies in regard to obtain readership can be as follow:

•  The content should be worth to read: The author should represent the reliable information in a professional way that attracts the readers, and promote latest and essential information.

•  Professionally, deal with the comments and that should improve the topics. As an author blogger should interact with and respond to the readers positively.  

•  The blogs should be connected to others, where useful contents are presented. Also, the author should comment and interact with other blogs as well as social networks (such as, facebook, twitter, Yahoo).

•  Time management and updating the blog is so important for blogging for clarification, if an author posted on the blog every year, the author would obtain fewer readers than another author who is posting every week. For extra reading please click here  .

An example of a Mathematical blog: This blog seems to be one of the excellent examples that showing the idea of using Mathematical blogs to help new bloggers in Mathematical societies to set up their new blogs.  Click here to visit the blog.

This is a useful resource explaining how to use mathematical symbols in writing formulas:

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  1. has
    August 11, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    nice introduction and great tips for thoes who want to start a mathmatical blogging. 🙂

  2. August 28, 2011 at 5:01 am

    it is good beginning as first blog for you, you mentioned the perfect ” strategy blog” to start with, keep going sultan we will see you soon one of the greatest mathematic blogger 🙂

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