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Web 2.0 tools

How  web 2.0 tools are being grateful to be advantageous knowledge in my life! Not particularly in my study field, which is being a student at a mathematical school, it is not the way that benefits me to deal with the extraordinary development of information technology. However by doing the ENTERPRISE 2.0 unit in my study as an elective unit, it is actually providing me with new experience, which will increase my skills scale. I have been encouraged to investigate and learn the web 2.0 tools and their definitions and what I experienced will be outlined as following:

What are web 2.0 tools?

The definition of web 2.0 is described as a new version of World Wide Web that simplified to provide the Internet users with great opportunities to share, interoperate, and collaborate information to interact with each other on the World Wide Web. The examples of such tools are  wikis, social networks, Twitter, blogs, rss, social media, tagging, podcasting.

How do web2.0 tools work which I experienced?


A wiki is defined as “a server program” which permits the Internet users to act as a team effectively to type “the content of a web site” advantageously. It simply works as any member of the team can coordinate it at the same stage and it is easy to be rewritten many times. It is consisting of two essential buttons: “edit and save” as well as the content can have links to be open on another web page “Hyper-linked words”. The greatest branded instance of wiki web sites is Wikipedia. In my experience, I have explored and investigated the class wiki, and I create a new account, which allows me to edit and review the history of the page. I really realize this experience is going to assist me in my study field. That I can search for articles in Mathematical field and then to contribute and write about new topics those haven’t been covered in online resources or perhaps re-editing them. I just put my foot on the right door!

Social Networks

Social networking is consisting of networks of individuals keen on specific groups, similar to a small community of a big community, or it is like “a neighborhood subdivision” of a city. This is the way of how the Internet has transferred the community to be on computers screens. The idea of social networking is based on giving opportunities to such individuals to meet their friends and other people easily, to gather and share information and experiences of their interests freely. Online social networking has been promoted with many websites such as MySpace, Twitter, Tagged, Facebook and so on. I signed up in Twitter newly and I see it as great tool that I can have a profile about my self. Such tool gives me a chance to search for friends or new people with the same interests to follow them and their tweets with the same reaction to be just on my home in my account. Also, I can send messages through the website to followers and receive from them.

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  1. August 25, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    great post about web 2.0 tools:) I recommend you to read about web 2.0 patterns.

    This could be a useful link http://oreilly.com/pub/a/web2/archive/what-is-web-20.html?page=2

    • August 26, 2011 at 8:10 pm

      Thanks Muaath for your comment and your link:)

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