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benefits and risks of implementing Enterprise 2.0 in Intel

As enterprise 2.0 tools have been activated in most companies and organizations globally, there are concerns and expectations in the use of these tools. Such companies and organizations are looking to each other experiences in the manner to obtain benefits. They have provided a high number of case studies in literature. By the way, I have looked at a case study of Intel, and I will be outlined some of the benefits and the risks, which have been faced by implementing Enterprise 2.o tools within the organization.


1: Productivity and efficiency:

As Intel employees are demanding better means to discover relevant information and expertise to increase “interactive collaboration, knowledge silos” inside the organization, now employee can work more successfully across faster access to resources and easier collaboration. Also, in the same way this can provide Intel benefits, as Intel based on innovation and the contribution of new ideas across the company so as to stay competitive. Such communications have built well-organized community inside Intel, which was helpful to improve teams performance.

2: Knowledge:

Intel believes that is necessary to facilitate learning resources to be promoted inside the organization as “ knowledge changes rapidly and new discoveries invalidate old truths every week. As a result, learning is a key part of employees’ jobs, and it often occurs informally as people work with each other and gather information. Social computing enables this type of learning; it changes the way companies collect, organize, and disseminate information across the enterprise”.

3: Staff engagement

As well as new employees need to participate into Intel faster. Such tools could assist new employees learn about the business and discover which colleagues they need to connect with. This would improve the integration experience and leads to quicker engagement and happy workers to become creative more quickly.


1: Security 

Employees used to communicate externally with risks of information security, however Intel provided them with eternal tools to reduce such risks. Internal tools are hosted on servers inside Intel’s firewall, and that communications are limited to Intel’s internal environment with limit access to appropriate groups. Intel report gave an example of how internal communication is better than externally, which is given in the report as “… the risks associated with the use of external tools occurred recently as our chief executive officer (CEO) readied an internal Webcast regarding Intel’s earnings report. An employee using an external micro blogging site encouraged others to “live chat” during the CEO’s Webcast. This increased the security threat to Intel confidential information. In response, our CIO and our vice president of Human Resources sent e-mail to all employees warning them about the privacy policies of external sites and reminding them that they have promised to protect Intel confidential information. This includes a commitment never to post or share confidential information outside of Intel without express authorization”.

2: Productivity

There are some points affected the performance of employees and they consider it as a source of discouraging them in the way of doing their jobs; first, employees spend too many hours a week looking to internal or external networking tools finding people or information they want to do the job. Moreover numerous employees work in worldwide-dispersed groups and find it challenging to complete their work, Because of time zone differences. That leads team members to communicate with each other by emails badly with the potential for confusion and crossed messages. Additionally, some employees are feeling not active and isolated of the community. This creates efforts that Intel looking to reduce this gap in the community to be smaller effectively.


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  1. August 27, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    Dear writer,

    you have mentioned really good points in this post however, I can see you mix the productivity in both benefits and risks. can you explain more why?

    The over all about this post is pretty good


  2. Mohammad
    August 27, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    Hi sultan,
    I notice it the improvement since the first post in your blog
    Symmetry of picture and colour is good.
    I learned from the useful example that you point out in your risks of the security . greet job

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